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In service for the last three decades, we specialise in catering to the reading public, with special emphases on book lovers across India. We cater to the reading needs of most book lovers in India. We stock books practically for all groups of people. Right from fairy tales to multi volume encyclopedias, including fictions, non-fictions, reference books, children books etc…., You’ll be astonished to have a large book store within the comforts of your home or office. Just select the books you need, add to the cart, and you receive it within 7 working days sharp.


It’s over fifteen days and I have not yet received the books against my order. What do I do?
We regret the inconvenience caused. Kindly email us at support@www.booksperiodicals.com with your Order No. mentioned in the subject of your mail. We will get back to you regarding the transaction.