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Books & Periodicals

In service for the last three decades, we specialize in catering to the reading public, with special emphases to book lovers across India. We cater to the reading needs of most book lovers across India. We hope, going through these pages would be of great help in building up your own collection of books ….. that too, just at a click of your mouse…. amongst the comfort of your office or home.

Please feel free to call/write/mail/sms us for any enquiries, including references from thousands of our satisfied customers across India.


Not just book sellers, we take special care to ensure that you pick up the right books of your choice. We agree, books are expensive these days, but there’s very little we could do about it. Definitely we would never want you to possess a book which could be of little or no use to you, and which are just stacked up in the racks of your rooms more like show pieces rather than books.


We have to our credit a number of satisfied customers  across the length and breadth of our country. Right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir & from Sikkim to Madhya Pradesh. We stock books practically for all groups of people. Right from fairy tales to multi volume encyclopedias, including fictions, non-fictions, reference books, children books etc…., you’ll be astonished to have a large book store within your home or office. Just select the books you need, add to the cart, and you receive it within 7 working days sharp.

And yes…..we have a number of options for you to pay for the cart.  Decide what suits you the best and checkout your cart instantly.  Give us 7 working days for you to start enjoying reading your favourite books.  What more could you expect…….?