The Benefit See-Saw of Printed & e-books

Rishabh RajBefore the day comes when we have to conclude those printed books , the way we did with eight track cassette  tape and CD’, it is essential is recognize the benefits and drawbacks these eBooks holds. Many people have an emotional connection to actual books, and that tie is not just with the stories and information they contain, but something above that.

Kate Garland, a lecturer in psychology, at a University in London did a study on eBooks v/s Books and he came to a conclusion that more repetition was required with computer reading whereas the book readers were able to grasp the content more fully and in a better way.

It makes sense for some books to be available digitally, such as textbooks and certain reference material, but traditionally books will never go away entirely.  Anshul, a literature student says, “A decade old book with text printed on rag paper is a thing of beauty, and that will never change. I personally feel, it’s going to be a legacy for mankind.”

And most interestingly, booming sales of e-readers doesn’t necessarily translate to a decline of sale of traditional books. Considering the growing popularity of e-readers, sales of traditional books may eventually go down but the entire world of book publishing may be headed for a radical transformation. But, it’s a fact that traditional books will never become completely obsolete. They simply gonna be placed alongside their cool new cousin, the e-books.

Nancy Katyal, Soft Skill Trainer and Story Teller says, “Nothing can match the feeling of holding a book in your hand, it’s beyond words. For me book is a friend and a companion. Some people may argue that we have entered in the era of technology and the kid’s are too savvy with it, but can you imagine a one year old child exploring a book on an iPad. The feeling that a child gets while exploring physical book is unmatched. The joy of picking a book in a book store after skimming through it is unparallel. Just imagine a world without books. The thing we take for granted may seem insignificant but it’s actually when we take it away then we realize the importance of it, and soon it will apply with books in our life.

If we look at the medical point of view, doctors also suggest that reading a printed book is much more beneficial than reading those e-books, which cause heavy damage to the eyes, resulting in watering, eye irritation and mental stress too. An eye specialist says, that, Continuous reading on computer or tablet screen may cause severe damage to eye nerves, though the brands have launched various high end technologies, but still it has many drawbacks on our health. Another physician says, sitting on a system for hours may end up with obesity and spinal problem, whereas reading a printed book involves various postures that keep the body circulation in flow.

Looking at the psychological point of view of reading a book, we keep a pen or pencil handy along with the dictionary to help our self with the difficult words, which at last increases our vocabulary. We have a tendency of writing the meaning of difficult word, which helps us to remember the word for future implementation. But in case of eBooks this facility is lacking. Not only this, the strongest psychological aspect of reading a book in comparison to eBook is the third party role. In book reading it is a direct relation between the reader and writer, whereas in eBooks technology plays a crucial role as an inevitable part.

Sujit  Sanyal, a recognized speaker and writer, says, “holding a printed book in hand is like touching the writers hand as he takes you through his story or his thought. You can almost hear him talking to you. And the smell of the paper and the printing ink keeps the emotions intact.  Whereas the eBook gives you the sense of feeling indifferent. Just as the difference of reading a hand written letter as against an email.

On the recommendation of soft skill trainers, writers and doctors, these are the few unmatched benefits that printed books give us over the eBooks.

Expanded Imagination

When we read, we go thought he words and even the inner meaning, which takes us to other world of imagination that writer has tried to craft through his words. And this initiates to develop our own imagination world in the knowledge periphery. While in eBooks, technology becomes a hindrance to the thought process, because in subconscious mind we are attached to technology and not to the writer.

Increased Vocabulary

Of course, reading and writing habit helps us to increase our vocabulary, which lacks with eBook reading.

Increased Knowledge

It helps to keep abreast with happening, though the eBooks are more exposed to this through various hyperlinks connectivity, but instead of giving in depth knowledge, they give us with a superficial one and that is also at times questionable in terms of reliability.

Increased Creativity

With the help of imagination, books give birth to creativity, not only in terms’ of playing with lines and words, but thought process too.

Muscular Relaxation

In eBook reading, it creates nerve stress in eyes, resulting in watering, irritation and many other problems. Apart from this it also causes spinal problems. Whereas, printed book reading has no such drawbacks.

RISHABH RAJ, Freelance Journalist